Feasibility Study Project For An Accredited Test and Analysis Laboratory

The HVAC –R Sector which has a high innovation and exports potential together with its qualified labor force, is faced with the following problems due to not having an accredited and liberal laboratory where product performance tests can be held:

  1. The equipments and the parts which form the end products cannot be validated according to the standards,
  2. Market system cannot be soundly formed due to unrestricted introduction of the products with low quality standards (esp. from the Far East)
  3. Product quality and performance cannot be tested
  4. The quality, performance, test and analysis conditions of the exports markets cannot be met via national facilities. Moreover such necessary tests and controls are realised in laboratories abroad with high costs.

The successful realisation of this Project shall resemble a good sample for other businesses and also be useful to setup a good partnership. Furthermore, this Project will accelerate the high innovation capacity of this sector together with the regional development.

The innovation activities in the Region will also be variated by having such a feasibility study which leads to a laboratory estimated to increase the R&D capacity of the sector. The HVAC-R Sector requires qualified labour force and in this respect it will also contribute to the development of the social capital.



Source: Association of The Aegean Industrialists and Businessmen of Refrigeration(ESSIAD) Web Site.